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 Reign of the Apes Is Looking for a Mod!
 Posted: May 2 2018, 01:16 AM
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Site Name: Reign of the Apes

Site Link: http://reignoftheapes.proboards.com

Site Plot:
The year is 2157, over a hundred years since the fabled ape revolution lead by Aldo lead to the overthrowing of mankind. Apes reign supreme, instituting a new world order in which they are the dominant species and all animals - humans included are to bow at their feet.

Humans have it the worst. Forced to take the place of the Apes they once used for entertainment and labor. They have been reduced to nothing more than pets in the new world order. Hunted for sport, and used as playthings and trinkets.

Some however, have managed to escape to the wilds. Where quiet murmurs of a revolution are forming. Whispers of a mysterious ape named Caesar, the so-named “king” of the wild apes who wishes to challenge the leader of the US Ape Colonies for the right to lead. His radical views terrify ape civilization: it’s said he dares to view humans as equals.

But slowly, and surely he is growing a rebellion. One the apes can no longer ignore. War is quietly moving onto the horizon, one which will ultimately decide the fate of the planet. A war that’s victory can only be determined by you.

Here at Reign of the Apes we offer a heavily alternate Planet of the Apes continuity that merges all three timelines into one narrative. Human pet or human freedom fighter? Ape overlord or ape of the rebellion? No matter which side you choose, you alone hold the destiny of the Planet of the Apes in your hands. So choose wisely.

Staff Needed: Forum Moderator


I am looking for someone who is willing to help run the site and help things run smoothly. Idealy this person would help keep the peace and make sure everyone is following the rules when I’m not around to enforce them. As time goes on this person will help create events for the site as well and have an active part in further world building.

Ideal Applicant:

Someone who is friendly, patient (as this is my first time running a site in years), active, and willing to get involved. I want someone who is not going to go crazy with power and is mostly looking to have fun and work with some cool people!

Anything Else:

None that I can think of!
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